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Rhéa Let Me Shine

Date of birth: 26/03/2021
Sex: Female
Sire: EBF John’s Vendôme
Dam: Modello BL Bailamos Bilqiss (50% ASPC)

AMHA/AMHR/SIRE Mini pending


Conditions of sale

  • Horses can be reserved by a deposit of 40% of the total sales price. The deposit is not refundable in case of withdrawal. (Of course, in the event of a serious health problem of the horse before his departure, the customer can withdraw and be refunded the amount paid for the reservation.)
  • The horse will leave dewormed and vaccinated. A health certificate will also be provided. All examinations and analyzes as well as additional vaccinations will be at the expense of the buyer.
  • The horse will not leave the premises until full payment has been made.
  • We reserve the right to refuse a sale if the conditions of reception do not seem to us suitable for the welfare of the horse.
  • The displayed price of a horse can vary according to its age, the competitions won …
  • A quotation for delivery can be made according to distance.