Rhéa Horses

American Miniature Horse Breeding Farm

Rhea Horses - élevage de chevaux miniatures américains

Being a rider and passionate about horses since the childhood, the discovery of the miniature horse immediately made me want to share my everyday life with these wonderful small equines. To breed miniature horses enabled me to live it and to also introduce them to other people.

We are located in the Var, close to Nice and Monaco. Our horses live outside, in paddocks with shelters and are fed with high quality hay. Some are intended for breeding, or for show, and others just as beloved pets to share and enrich our lives. We regularly train our horses with the lunge line, over small jumps or for driving.

We have selected our breeders in famous breeding farms in the United States, choosing the best breeders to produce quality foals. Our horses are registered with AMHA (American Miniature Horse Association) and AMHR (American Miniature Horse Registry), of which we are also members.

Some of our horses are “champions” themselves, others are sons or daughters of champions.

For people that don’t know this breed, the miniature horse appears much different from a regular small pony. It is, as the name implies, a horse in miniature. It has the same elegance and slenderness as his “big brother”. Miniature horses are supposed just like that, a horse in miniature with perfect proportions except the height. The American Miniature Horse can’t be higher than 34 inches at the last hair of the mane.

To buy a miniature horse is an important decision.
When you decide to have this fascinating animal as friend, we can assure it will give you a lot of happiness in return!